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Future Fantastic

...or How Harry Potter got it Right

Explain metal tools to a cave man and he’d think you were mad.
Describe a computer to Queen Victoria and she wouldn’t be amused.
Even your parents wouldn’t have believed that mobile phones and satellite TV were possible when they were younger.

So what changes will there be in your lifetime?

This talk takes you through the huge changes that are already beginning to happen and will certainly be in place before you have children of your own.

You won’t believe the half of it – and particularly not when you see how some of the weirdest things in Harry Potter are actually possible in real life

The talk is suitable for KS3 students and covers a wide range of applications of science ranging from electricity, through materials to plants and photosynthesis.

The talk is free for schools within 2 hours drive of Reading for audiences of 120 or more. It lasts 1 hour.

To book the talk contact Averil Macdonald

Future Fantastic

A 1 hour tour of life in the future for Year 5 8. Based upon present day development showing exactly what science can do and its impact on our lives

Contact Averil Macdonald to book.