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Averil Macdonald

'Woman of Outstanding Achievement 2007'

Welcome to my world of Science. Choose your area of interest and see what’s on offer. I can travel to locations within 2 hours of Winchester or you can download free resources.

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Fantastic Plastic
A 1 hour demonstration lecture for GCSE covering polymers - and enterprise! Possibly the most successful GCSE lecture in the UK - and it can be free if your audience is big enough.
Science of slime
A 1 hour hands-on activity for year 6 - for schools and libraries.
Mr Beetle's Watery Adventure
A half-day show for primary schools covering habitats and the properties of water.

Every event and resource is free to schools offering audiences over 120

Science with Coffee and Hobnobs
A 2 hour event for primary schools. Combine a hands-on activity or a whole school science show with a presentation to parents explaining how science works in your school.
My Mum's a Scientist
A series of stories for primary age pupils to show mums can be scientists and scientists can be mums.
Young Science Mentors
A free downloadable resource for Key Stage 3. Provides a tool kit of materials for students to create their own presentation on Materials, Light, or Sound to present to their peers.
Future Fantastic
A 1 hour tour of life in the future for Year 5 - 8. Based upon present day development - showing exactly what science can do and its impact on our lives.
Websites & CDs
Free downloadable resources to cover parts of the GCSE Balanced Science and A - level Physics specifications.
A range of published resources reviewed.
Send for these free posters to brighten up your labs.