mr beetle's watery adventure

Barry Patterson in collaboration with Averil Macdonald
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Contents of the show

Mr. Beetle’s Watery Adventure is a show for children in Key Stage 2 on the subject of water lasting approximately 1 hour 30 minutes with a break half way through.

The idea is to be entertaining without compromising on good scientific content. It looks at its subject from a variety of viewpoints:

  • Physics: the unique properties of water
  • Chemistry: its importance as a solvent & medium for chemical reactions
  • Biology: that these properties make water essential for life on earth & that aquatic animals are adapted to their environment
  • Sustainable development: the availability of clean water supplies & pollution of the environment as important contemporary issues
  • Research: as we extend our knowledge we improve our understanding of natural systems & find new solutions to old problems

These themes are approached in a cross curricular way through the story of a small beetle who becomes trapped on the surface film of a pond. The show is a combination of storytelling, laboratory demonstration & audience partcipation.

Mr Beetle’s Watery Adventure

A half-day show for primary schools covering habitats and the properties of water. Contact Barry Patterson

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