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Institute of Physics (IOP)

"The physics of..." poster series

A series of posters designed to demonstrate the varied and exciting careers that studying physics can lead to. Aimed at young people about to make degree course choices it shows the real life application of physics and how it shapes the world around us. It is part of process to ‘de-mistify’ physics and take it out of the lab.

The physics of Materials

Physicists can:

  • create new materials for specific materials
  • create materials that react to their environment
  • create ‘smart’ materials
  • examine the properties of materials and how they react

The physics of Music

Physicists can:

  • model the sound of an instrument and recreate this on computer
  • work on accoustics in a concert hall
  • create technology for listening to music

The physics of Archaeology

Physicists can:

  • survey a whole site and calculate where is the best place to dig
  • analyse artefacts and can x-ray to discover what is inside without damaging them
  • date the objects and help to conserve them.

The physics of Earth Science

Physicists can:

  • help to predict earthquakes or volcanic eruptions and reduce their effects
  • look for energy sources and help to harness them
  • model weather patterns
  • help to date rock structures