mr beetle's watery adventure

Barry Patterson in collaboration with Averil Macdonald
A great teachers resource

Mr. Beetle's Watery Adventure

Mr. Beetle is a huge ukulele playing insect complete with the requisite number of legs, wing cases, antennae, compound eyes and Dr. Martenís boots!

Adults find him scary but children of all ages think heís funny. The show is packed with science and natural history and encourages children to look again at minibeasts, which can be interesting, beautiful, useful and fun.

Alternatively, counting games and simple rhymes provide a gentler introduction to the world of the very small for younger children.

Mr Beetle's Watery Adventure is free to schools, please contact Barry Patterson directly to book.

Mr Beetleís Watery Adventure

A half-day show for primary schools covering habitats and the properties of water. Contact Barry Patterson

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