mr beetle's watery adventure

Barry Patterson in collaboration with Averil Macdonald
A great teachers resource


Read what teachers are saying about the show

Great explanations, children’s involvement, very visual… a great show.
Boughton Leigh Junior School, Rugby

Excellent Coverage of a wide variety of of science topics. Very good use of pupil participation.
The Chace Primary School, Coventry

Well animated & well resourced… A thought povoking show.
Edgewick Primary School, Coventry

Excellent costumne & delivery. Children were enthralled throughout.
Ernesford Grange Primary School, Coventry

Things I particularly liked about the show are: the breadth of content, floating, sinking, forces, density, weight, surface tension, breathing, oxygen, CO2, bubbles,......great stuff. The way you use a narrative to tie it all together.
Kate Osborne, Exeter Mus

Lots to take in & a superb revision resource for our year 6 class.
Little Heath Primary School, Coventry

Making Science fantastic fun with music, drama & highly effective teaching.
Longford Primary School Coventry

Very good relationship with pupils. Great questioning & their attention really kept well.
Spon Gate Primary School, Coventry

Mr Beetle’s Watery Adventure

A half-day show for primary schools covering habitats and the properties of water. Contact Barry Patterson

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